Pulmonary Associates, LTD
Robert D. Herscowitz, MD & Juliette L. Wohlrab, MD

5216 Dawes Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22311

Our Services

During your initial visit, you will receive a complete history and physical examination and any appropriate laboratory work, chest x-rays or breathing tests that the doctor feels are necessary will be arranged. If you have already had any x-rays or CT scans, please bring a copy of the study to the appointment. The initial visit will allow the doctor to assess your health needs and establish a treatment plan. Follow up visits will address the progress of your lung disease and review any test results. A complete report is sent to your referring physician.

Our office is fully equipped for the following:

– Complete Pulmonary Function Testing
– Six Minute Walk Testing
– Nicotine Cessation Counseling
– Bronchoscopy (at hospital endoscopy suite)
– Inhaler Teaching
– Oxygen Institution
– Xolair Administration (for our patients)

Referrals will be made for the following:

– Methacholine Challenge Testing
– Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
– Polysomnogram (Sleep Study)
– Multiple Sleep Latency Testing
– Pulmonary Rehabilitation
– Allergy Testing
– CT scans and/or Chest X-Rays
– Interventional procedures (such as thoracentesis, lung biopsy, etc.)

We have admitting and consulting privileges at Inova Alexandria Hospital and have a very close relationship with multiple sub-specialty consultants.

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